General conditions of sales



Regulations  -   These Regulations are related to online-sales realized by the online store: www.charme-madame.pl;

Client  -   Individual, referred to in Art. 221 of the Common Law, purchasing in the online store by placing an order on the website of the  -www.charme-madame.pl - store;

Account  -  Personal client’s account opened in our site, enabling him to make purchases in our online shop at  - www.charme-madame.pl;

Common Law  - According to Law of  April 23, 1964 (Journal of Laws No. 16, item. 93, of further amendments.);

Shop  - online shop available at: www.charme-madame.pl being a facility to conclude sales contracts between the owner of the store CHARME  and the customer;

Goods -   All Products in our Store: women's clothing and women's leather goods offered by the store;

AgreementAgreement made for the sale of  Goods, within the meaning of the Common Law, between the company CHARME Krystyna Wojnarska, with registered office at ul. Jana Kazimierza 330H, 05-126 Stanisławów Pierwszy and a Customer, entered into after the submission of an order for a product or products available at Shop  charme-madame.pl;

OrderAn order placed by the Customer at the Shop website, aimed at concluding sales agreements, specifying in particular the type and quantity of the Goods;

Act concerning  special sales conditions to consumer -   Act of 27 July 2002 on special conditions of sale to consumer amending the Common Law (Journal of Laws No. 141, item. 1176, as  later amended.);

Act concerning  electronic Online-services -   Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item. 1204, as later amended.);

Confirmation -   e-mail confirming the reception of an order by the Store.


2.1 The hereafter Regulations define the rules for procurement in the Store, their implementation by the Store and the related Store’s responsibility for the realization of the orders.

2.2 The hereafter Regulations are the rules, referred to in art. 8 of the Act on electronic Online-services.

2.3 These Online-Store Regulations are available for all customers visiting our shop, through the window  rules at:                                  www.charme-madame.pl.

2.4 Using the access to the Store and purchasing goods, means that the Customer is acquainted with, accepts and consents to the provisions of the Regulations, and in any case shall be understood as a confirmation of it.

2.5 Orders can be placed through the Shop website  at:   www.charme-madame.pl

2.6 The Store, operating under name and address: www.charme-madame.pl, is run by the company CHARME Christine Wojnarska,  based in Stanisławów Pierwszy, ul. Jana Kazimierza 330H, 05-126 Nieporęt, registered in the Central Register of Economic Activities (CEIDG),  number: 146997098; Tax Reg. Number: NIP: PL5211663668.

2.7 The Store carries out Orders placed exclusively on Polish territory.

2.8   Registration, safeguard and confirmation to the Customer of his order an of the relevant provisions of the  Agreement of sale of goods takes place via e-mail.

2.9 Information about Goods contained on the pages of  our  Shop, in particular regarding the descriptions, indications of use, and prices, are an invitation to contract, within the meaning of Art. 71 of the Common Law.

2.10 Prices of the Goods proposed in our Store are indicated in Polish zloty (PLN) and in Euro (EUR),  and include applicable on sales the VAT rate corresponding to the Goods type.

2.11 The price indicated for the Goods is effective at the time of the Order, but the Shop reserves the right to change it, provided that the amendment cannot relate the Goods previously ordered by the Customer.

2.12 The goods offered in our store are brand new, free from any physical defects and not liable to any duty.

2.13 Each order placed by the Customer  requires an electronic confirmation of the Store to be valid.


3.1 Orders can be placed in the store non-stop around the clock (24 hours), except for necessary technical interruptions, for which the information will be each time given on the website of the store.

3.2 Client placing an order is required to register on the website-Store accordingly to the displayed information, identifying the steps required for registration, together with  following contact details: name, phone number, email address and the address of  delivery, including the name and street number, town and postcode (ZIP). If the Customer's registration card is incomplete or address  incorrect, the Store reserves the right to withdraw from the Order.

3.3 Orders placed on working days after 6 pm, week-ends and statutory holidays will be implemented from the first working day following them.

3.4 Executed order will be confirmed by an information  indicating the date of shipment of the Goods  e-mailed by the Store to the address indicated by the client during its registration.


4.1 In order to conclude a sale contract, it  is required to proceed, in accordance with the instructions in the form on the Client’s Display , messages and information posted on the Store website  www.charme-madame.pl,  describing how to fill up an Order, and how to make changes in orders before  their final acceptance.

4.2 Selection of the Goods ordered by the Customer is done by adding the Goods to the basket.

4.3 The goods in the basket require the final approval of the Client. As long as the Client does not "accept", confirming definitely his choice, he has the option to remove Goods from the basket, change the quantity or convert  some of the Goods into another available in the store, as well as to change contact details, including the delivery address.

4.4 Upon completion of the addition of the Goods to the basket, the client sees on the display a  summary of his Order indicating: item orders, the unit price of each Product, the total value of his purchase order, the chosen forms of payment and delivery of goods and the expected date of delivery.

4.5 Dispatch of any order to the Store requires the acceptance of the provisions of the Regulations.

4.6 Sending Orders to the store by the Customer is a binding offer to purchase the ordered Goods until issuance by the Store of an Order Confirmation, before any notice from this Customer that he resigns from the Order.

4.7 Until unequivocal e-mail confirmation  of Customer's order acceptance for realization by the Store,  any information displayed by the Store or emails generated automatically on the Shop's page  have only informational purposes and, the Store reserves the right to refuse received orders because of unavailability of the purchased Goods.

4.8 The Sale Agreement shall be considered  as irrevocably concluded from the moment of e-mail confirmation of acceptance of the Customer's order by the Store.

4.9 Client’s Shop is committed to providing the Website with accurate and not misleading information and update them currently.

4.10 The Sale Agreement is in Polish for Polish-speaking customers, or in English for English-speaking customers, with content and wording in accordance with the Regulations.


5.1 The place of performance of the Sale-Agreement is the place of delivery specified by the Client.

5.2 The delivery of ordered goods is carried out by the Polish Post Office in the form of a registered postal priority.

5.3 The term of delivery through the Polish Post,  for the priority delivery mode used by the Store, ranges from 48 hours to 5 working days, counted from the date of dispatch of orders by the store.

 5.4 Risks related to the Goods pass to the Customer at the time of the Goods delivery  to him, except if the delivery has been delayed due to a fault of the Customer. In this case, the risk responsibility passes to the Customer on the day of the failed delivery the delay being caused by the Client himself.  As soon as the Customer acknowledges receipt of the Goods, the Shop is not responsible for loss or damages to the Goods.

5.5 In order to minimize risks associated with the delivery of damaged Merchandise  during its transportation, the Shop recommends to the Client to check the content of the shipment in the presence of the deliverer, and in case of any damage that may have occurred during transport - take minutes or make a copy of the receipt with noted problems and signed by the bearer and immediately notify the arising case  to the Store.

5.6 When opening  the package to check its contents, the Customer  has obviously to apply  methods and tools excluding any possibility of damaging the Goods.


6.1. Commodity prices in the Store are denominated in Polish zloty (PLN) and in   Euro (EUR), after taking into account the applicable VAT rate  and other costs and fees associated with their import.

6.2   Receivables resulting from the Goods purchased in the Store, the customer is obliged to pay by one of the following ways:

• making a transfer to the bank account number: 10 1160 2202 0000 0002 5670 1715 run in PLN;

• making a transfer to the bank account number: 54 1160 2202 0000 0002 5222 2142 run in EUR;

• making payment using Paypal.pl,

• making cash payment  to the Polish Post delivery man or at the desk of  the Polish Post office, in case of cash payment on delivery.

6.3  When payment is made by bank transfer, the customer has to make sure the availability of sufficient funds in PLN / EUR on his account to allow the payment of the planned duties.  The Store only accepts payments made from bank accounts held in Poland.

6.4  The Store sends purchased Goods to the Customer immediately upon receipt of the payment in respect of these purchased Goods.

6.5  In case of agreed cash payment on delivery, the customer shall pay for the purchased Goods to the representative of the Polish Post  at the time of receipt / delivery.


7.1 Each customer, a consumer within the meaning of Art. 221 of the Civil Code, client of the Online-Store: www.charme-madame.pl, has, on the basis of generally applicable laws - the right to withdraw from the sale-agreement of Goods concluded at a distance without cause, by the deposit of a written declaration , within 14 days counted from the date of receipt of the Goods, sent by registered post mail to the following address: CHARME Krystyna Wojnarska ul. Jana Kazimierza 330H, 05-126  Stanisławów Pierwszy,  or e-mail to: charme.madame@wp.pl.

7.2 In case of cancellation of the sale-agreement as described in section above (section 7.1), the sale-agreement  is deemed void and the customer is obliged to return the Goods in an unchanged state, unless necessary change admitted  in the ordinary course of  a verification of Goods. The returned product must meet the requirements: non-use, no mechanical defects, be clean, include the original labels and the elements with which it was delivered, and be packaged in a manner that protects the Goods against damage during transport associated with their return. Mutual return-exchange of goods and payment takes place no later than 14 days from the date of cancellation of the Sale- Agreement by the Customer . To the statement of withdrawal from the Sale-Agreement must be joined the original invoice, constituting the proof of purchase of the Goods.

7.3 The costs associated with the return of the Goods, in caser of  withdrawal from the Sale-Agreement described in point. 7.2 are borne entirely by the customer.

7.4  Returning  the Goods to the Store, the Customer is requested to indicate precisely the Bank, the Account holder and the account number to which is to be forwarded charge for the returned product. After receiving the returned Goods, which meets the requirements described in paragraph 7.2 , the Store shall immediately, not exceeding 7 working days,  return by bank transfer to the specified by the customer bank account number, the corresponding reimbursement of the amount as on the invoice.


8.1 Customer's right to file complaints about purchased in the store Goods and rules for the submission of complaints are described in detail in a separate tab: - COMPLAINT / RECLAMATION  at the bottom of the Store homepage.


9.1 To the extent necessary to implement the Sale Agreement (sales records, customer contact) the Store has the right to process your personal data, subject to the requirements of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data. (unified text: Dz. Laws of 2002 No. 101, item. 926, as amended. amended.). Giving communication to the Store of personal data by the customer is of his own free will .

9.2  Store is required not to divulge to other persons and entities  personal information about Store clients, except for entities authorized to require them under generally applicable laws.

9.3  Pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, every client of the Store  has access only to the management of his personal data in accordance with the principles set out in the privacy policy.


10.1 When buying goods from the Store Charme-madame.pl, the Customer has to register,  giving his complete personal data.

10.2 Failure in communication of the requested personal data excludes for the Customer any possibility to purchase goods in the store.       

10.3  Each Customer of the Store  has at his convenience access to and possibility  to view and update his own personal data, except during necessary technical interruptions, of which the client is always informed by a message.

10.4 The Store reserve the right to inform its Customers by email about the entered  promotions.

10.5 The Store uses cookies (ie cookies) in the manner described in the Cookies Policy , set out in the section: -  Site map →  Cookies Policy.


11.1 The Store applies full due diligence, to ensure all customers  a round the clock access to the Site, except for necessary technical interruptions due to necessity of extending / changing existing functionalities and / or, in connection with updating the Goods offered on the Site.

11.2 The shop is obliged to immediately remove any errors on the Website, which have been reported by customers or noticed during Store operation.

11.3 Any anomaly or dysfunction of the Shop Pages perceived on the Site any Customer can submit electronically to the e-mail address: - charme.madame@wp.pl , or by registered post letter to the address: CHARME   Krystyna Wojnarska, ul. Jana Kazimierza 330H, 05-126 Stanisławów Pierwszy PL

11.4 The Goods presented on the Website, descriptions, images and trademarks are for informational purposes only.


12.1 These Terms and Conditions constitute an integral part of the Sale Agreement concluded between the Client and CHARME Krystyna Wojnarska.

12.2 We reserve the right to update the provisions of the Regulations. The brought in update shall be each time  posted on the Web Store, with information about the date on which it becomes effective and accessible to Clients on tab – Regulations.

12.3 Any disputes which may arise from the implementation of the Sale Agreement will be resolved by the competent court. Before referring a case to court, the contracting parties shall do their utmost to find a conciliatory settlement of the dispute. 

 12.4 In cases not covered by the Sale Agreement and these Regulations, the instruments, in particular the Law of 23 April 1964 of the Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 1964 No. 16, item. 93, with later amendments) And the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 144, item. 1204, as later amended.) shall be applied.

12.5 The administrator of personal data provided by the Customer in connection with the performance of this Agreement is: CHARME Krystyna Wojnarska, ul. Jana Kazimierza 330H,  Stanisławów Pierwszy 05-126 Nieporęt.

12.6 Listing on the Website logos, images Goods, descriptions and other information are the property of CHARME Krystyna Wojnarska or companies and individuals that work with or provide services on its behalf. Copying, dissemination thereof, and / or using them for advertising and / or promotion is prohibited.

12.7 The Shop cannot be hold for responsible for the obstacles and / or delay arising in the implementation of the sale Agreement, as a result of unforeseeable force majeure or actions of third parties.